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I nostri Suggerimenti nel quartiere dell'Opéra Garnier
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  11 Settembre 2015
Great hints and tips for making the most of your trip to Paris
What are the best times for visiting Paris? How long should you stay? What should you see while you ...
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  18 Luglio 2015
Zébulon: a new restaurant in the Palais Royal district
If you love fine cuisine, stroll on over to the Palais Royal district just 10 minutes from the hotel...
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  25 Giugno 2015
The Maille boutique on Place de la Madeleine
If you want to bring back a souvenir from Paris for your family and friends, this is the address to ...
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  20 Maggio 2015
Le Petit Colbert, Parisian bistro
A sun-drenched terrace? Home-made dishes? A genuine Parisian bistro? Lead the way!
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  09 Aprile 2015
Workshop Issé and the Bis restaurant
Where can you go near the Hôtel États-Unis Opéra to try the best sake in Paris?
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  03 Marzo 2015
The Caffè Stern and the Passage des Panoramas
An Italian café-restaurant in one of the oldest boutiques in France. A visit not to be missed
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  23 Ottobre 2014
La Fontaine Gaillon, 2 Michelin star restaurant
What pleasures await you in La Fontaine Gaillon - neighbour of the Hôtel des Etats-Unis Opéra?
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  20 Ottobre 2014
La Galerie Vivienne
Where can you go just 9 minutes from the hotel and find an unspoilt nineteenth century shopping arca...
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  19 Ottobre 2014
Le Mesturet, an authentic restaurant
What are the undeniable qualities of Le Mesturet, close to the Hôtel des Etats-Unis Opéra?
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  18 Ottobre 2014
A Japanese 1 star Michelin restaurant
A sushi master well-known in Saporo has earned one Michelin star for his restaurant. Try it!!
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  18 Ottobre 2014
Le Palais Royal
Why your stay in the Hôtel des Etats-Unis absolutely must include a visit to the Royal Palace
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  18 Ottobre 2014
Musée Fragonard
The largest collection of perfumery items in the world - just 5 minutes from the hotel
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