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  30 Dicembre 2017
« » at la Madeleine
A new spot 600 meters from the hotel Etats-Unis Opera, tested for you.
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  25 Novembre 2017
Christmas Extravaganza at the Hausmann Boulevard department stores
Animated Christmas window displays and all the right information
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  21 Ottobre 2017
What if we went to the Opera Garnier?
The Opera Garnier is 500 meters from the hotel. 3 Show ideas.
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  23 Settembre 2017
The sweet history of perfume at the Musée Fragonard
A lovely exhibition and eye-catching prices in the museum shop – not to be missed
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  26 Agosto 2017
Absinthe, place du Marché Saint-Honoré
Do you like revisited regional cuisine? A beautiful terrace? It is a 5 minute walk from the hotel
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  07 Agosto 2017
Tuileries, the oldest park in Paris
What is there to see? What is there to do at the parc des Tuilleries?
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  24 Giugno 2017
(V)ivre, an intoxicating pleasure-sharing experience
The gourmet bistro that is within two-minutes walk from the hotel
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  17 Giugno 2017
Kunitoraya: A very good Japanese restaurant for an inexpensive budget
Do you wish to find a good, inexpensive Japanese restaurant? It's right here
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  23 Aprile 2017
Reopening of L'Opéra-comique
A brand-new opera with 1,200 seats dedicated to opera art at 500 meters from the hotel
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  19 Marzo 2017
The music hall in Paris is Olympia
The Royal Albert Hall in London, Radio City in New York and at Olympia in Paris: Programs, history, ...
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  21 Febbraio 2017
Casse-noissette bakery at Opera: An pastry event
One of the best bakeries in Paris is a two-minute walk from the hotel Etats-Unis Opera
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