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Actividades & Ocio barrio Opera de Paris - Francia
actividades y ocio barrio opéra de paris francia

  29 Agosto 2018
Japanism 2018
Japanism 2018: 50 events. Exhibitions, live shows, cinema, and arts of life
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  02 Agosto 2018
Affordable gastronomy at Zébulon
Want quality and spare your wallet, close to the hotel?
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  05 Julio 2018
Flying over Paris with a jet pack is now a reality!
Flying over Paris with a jet pack: We tested this one of a kind attraction close to the hotel.
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  25 Mayo 2018
Musée Grévin, an institution of curiosities
The key to one of the oldest and most famous museums in Paris
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  29 Abril 2018
The Passages of Paris
Discover the old Paris of the 19th century
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  14 Marzo 2018
Visit the Louvre Museum: 	tips and great deals
Visit the Louvre : The essentials in preparing for a visit
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  28 Febrero 2018
The largest wine cellar in Paris, 600 meters from the hotel
Where to go near the hotel and discover all about wine ?
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  29 Enero 2018
The Cafe des Abattoirs
Why should meat-lovers try this place?
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  30 Diciembre 2017
« » at la Madeleine
A new spot 600 meters from the hotel Etats-Unis Opera, tested for you.
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  25 Noviembre 2017
Christmas Extravaganza at the Hausmann Boulevard department stores
Animated Christmas window displays and all the right information
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  21 Octubre 2017
What if we went to the Opera Garnier?
The Opera Garnier is 500 meters from the hotel. 3 Show ideas.
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  23 Septiembre 2017
The sweet history of perfume at the Musée Fragonard
A lovely exhibition and eye-catching prices in the museum shop – not to be missed
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