Actualités de l'Hôtel des Etats-Unis Opéra

Our top picks in Paris Opéra Garnier district
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  20 January 2020
Paris's Best Hidden Bars and Restaurants
Discover our 5 most unusual secret addresses in Paris
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  21 November 2019
Our Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants
Our gourmet selection near the hotel
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  29 March 2019
Un Jour A Peyrassol
THE truffle bar to know, close to the hotel
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  02 August 2018
Affordable gastronomy at Zébulon
Want quality and spare your wallet, close to the hotel?
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  29 January 2018
The Cafe des Abattoirs
Why should meat-lovers try this place?
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  26 August 2017
Absinthe, place du Marché Saint-Honoré
Do you like revisited regional cuisine? A beautiful terrace? It is a 5 minute walk from the hotel
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  24 June 2017
(V)ivre, an intoxicating pleasure-sharing experience
The gourmet bistro that is within two-minutes walk from the hotel
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  17 June 2017
Kunitoraya: A very good Japanese restaurant for an inexpensive budget
Do you wish to find a good, inexpensive Japanese restaurant? It's right here
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  11 January 2017
Le Petit Riche, an authentic Parisian Brasserie
One of the oldest brasseries in Paris and a decor that has not changed.
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  23 December 2016
A meal at the Kei restaurant, a moment of weightlessness
It is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Paris
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  25 August 2016
Canard & Champagne restaurant: real quality at the right price
Creative French cuisine that’s a treat for your wallet as well as your taste buds.
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  13 July 2016
Uma, or the 5th taste between Paris, Lima andTokyo
Blended cuisines are trendy nowadays. Did you know that Japanese moved their culinary art to Peru?
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