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The secret life of Parisians

The Parisian is a rare breed, often living in a small but cozy apartment in a neighborhood he or she cherishes. Curious, elegant and a tad grouchy, they love their city as much as they complain about it. Curious about how we live here? Follow us as we tell you all about the Parisian way of life!

What’s the average rent for a Parisian?

It’s estimated that the average Parisian spends around €1,200/month on a 50 m² apartment in Paris. Ranked among the most expensive cities in France for real estate, every m2 in Paris is precious!

In fact, only 33% of Parisians own their main residence.

How do they get around?

By metro, on foot or by bike… Parisians often don’t own a car (and sometimes don’t even have their driving license until they’re 25-30!).

With bike lanes becoming more and more frequent, and subways more and more regular, Parisians often prefer not to use their cars at all.

Le Parisien… champion of diplomas!

Parisians are highly educated: 50% of working people have completed at least 5 years of post-baccalaureate studies. The city attracts students from all over the world thanks to its wide range of higher education courses and professional opportunities.

Only 30% of Parisians were born here!

We often talk about the “real” Parisian, but did you know that in reality only 30% of them were actually born here? The cosmopolitan capital attracts people from all over the world, and many people from the provinces come here for their higher education.

Breakfast is sacred!

Let’s face it, it’s not a cliché… breakfast remains a favorite meal for Parisians.

Sometimes eaten at dawn, by those brave enough to go for a jog before work. Sometimes on the fly, as soon as you get out of bed.

Whatever the case, Parisians love waking up to coffee and bread!  Others prefer to grab a croissant from their local bakery on the way to work.

You may have noticed that at the Hotel États-Unis Opéra, we attach particular importance to our breakfast.  A month ago, we reinvented our buffet to enrich our menu with good French products!

Pancakes, crêpes, boiled eggs?  Just ask!

The aperitif… it’s crucial

Breakfast may be an important part of a Parisian’s life, but the aperitif is no less essential! After work, from 6pm onwards, you’ll find the city’s inhabitants taking over the terraces, over a cold draught or a good glass of wine. In summer, the gardens, canals and quays of the Seine are crowded with people enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon…

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