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1924 Paris Olympic Games: video

In 1924, the Games lasted just over three months; in 2024, they will last just over 15 days.

In 1924, there were 126 events in 17 different sports; in 2024, there will be 329 events in 32 different sports.

In 1924, there were 3089 male and female athletes, including 135 women. In 2024, on the other hand, 10,500 athletes are expected, in the interests of gender equality.

In 1924, 44 countries took part; in 2024, 200 countries are expected; in 1924, 1,000 journalists covered the event; in 2024, more than 3,000 journalists are expected.

In 1924, the Olympic Games opened at the Yves-du-Manoir stadium in Colombes. However, in 2024, this stadium will be used for hockey matches and the opening ceremony will take place on the Seine.

Finally, the medals won in 1924 were as follows

  • United States: 99 medals
  • Finland: 38 medals
  • France: 37 medals

What will the ranking be in 2024? Prediction!

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