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Our top 5 essential experiences for couples in Paris

Hands that touch, the passions of an evening, of a lifetime, the benches of break-ups and the cafés of encounters: Paris will forever be known as the city of Love. 

To makeyour and yourpartner’shearts beat faster, we have selected for you 5 must-do activities to experienceduringyourstay: let’s go, lovers! 

Enjoy a picnic at the Jardin du Luxembourg

The Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris is a very popular park with Parisians, who call it “Le Luco”, as well as tourists. A bucolic and very lively garden, surrounded by terraces, gourmet tea rooms and old brasseries! 

This is the romantic spot for a sunny lunch break on the lawns of the garden. 

The Jardin du Luxembourg
Rue de Médicis – Rue de Vaugirard 75006 Paris
Openingbetween7:30 and 8:15 am and closingbetween4:30 and 9:30 pm, depending on the season 

Visit the Musée de la Vie romantique (Museum of Romantic Life, or Museum of the Romantics)

Paris, city of love? This museum (free) is proof of this! 

Located in the Pigalle district, this very well maintained museum is dedicated to the Romantic period. 

The first floor is dedicated to the life of George Sand, through objects, sensual letters and paintings testifying to her affair with Chopin. 

The second floor presents paintings, sculptures and rare objects related to love and romance. 

A smallgardenwithanice café alsowelcomesyou in a peaceful and bucolic setting for a short break at the end of the visit.

Musée de la Vie Romantique
16 rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm (closed on Mondays) 

Sunset on the hills of Montmartre

Overlook Paris from the top of the Montmartre hill and the mythical Sacré-Coeur basilica. The lawns in front of you are the best place to watch the last minutes of the sun skimming over the city with its yellow-orange glow. 

Afterwards, be sure to have dinner or a drink in one of the many cafes and restaurants in the area. And also, stop by and see the “Wall of Love”, where Paris shouts “I love you” in 250 different languages. 

Sacre Coeur Basilica
35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre
75018 Paris 

A screening at Le Grand Action

Who doesn’t remember their first date at the cinema, plunged in the dark with their heart pounding? Attend a screening of a classic film at “Le Grand Action”: an independent cinema, classified as art et essai, nestled in the middle of the Latin Quarter. A few steps away from Notre-Dame cathedral, this establishment has retained its timeless atmosphere. 

Le Grand Action Cinema
5 rue des Écoles 75005 Paris
Open everydayfrom 1 pm to 11:30 pm 

A sunset stroll along the Seine

What could be more romantic than a walk at dusk on the banks of the Seine? Ideal for a romantic stroll at the end of the day, we advise you to go for a walk during the “golden hours”: those precious minutes of warm and golden light, which magically transform any scene (and make for great pictures!) 

A precious moment, in a setting worthy of a Woody Allen film. 

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