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Opera - Louvre district, Paris

With Love, From Paris!

The best part about coming back from a trip is giving souvenir to friends and family. Paris, the capital of fashion and good food, will always have something for your loved ones to look forward to…

Just make sure to leave enough space in your bags, you may be coming back with a suitcase that’s heavier than when you left!

No more kitchen magnets and ugly key chains. Here are our souvenir tips for the next time you go on a trip!

Pastries? Yes please!

Eclairs, lemon tarts, Paris-Brest, napoleons, macaroons… choosing just one of these delicious treats catching your eye from the shop window will be hard indeed.

Amongst the numerous pastry shops in Paris, from the little pastry shop in a street corner to prestigious addresses of well-known pastry chefs such as Cyril Ligna, Pierre Hermé, or Gaston Lenôtre, it’s impossible to not find something suited to your tastes.

One good address that’s located right next to the hotel: Pierre Hermé. We highly recommend visiting if you love macaroons!

Pierre Hermé
39 avenue de l’Opéra
75 002 Paris

A Gem Found at Les Puces!

There’s no longer a need to present the market Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, which offers over 7 hectares of booth selling antique furniture and objects.
Walk around, rummage, negotiate, and buy THE gem that hits the nail on the head.

Bargain hunters from all over the world come to find signed furniture, trinkets, and other knick-knacks. It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

There is also the “Puces de Vanves” located in the south of Paris that is less known and more affordable. You can find anything from an old china set to a 50’s purse to old records and you’re sure to bring back a unique souvenir from your trip to Paris.

Puces de Saint-Ouen
Metro: Garibaldi, ligne 13 / Porte de Clignancourt, ligne 4 / ou Saint-Ouen, ligne 14.
Opening times depend on the markets.

Puces de Vanves
Avenue Georges Lafenestre
75014 Paris
Metro: Porte de Vanves Ligne 13
Opening time: les samedis et dimanches matin de 7h à 13h. Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 1 pm.  

A Souvenir from “Les Galeries” or “Merci”

Flit around under the dome of Les Galeries Lafayette, which is a 10-min walk from the hotel, and bring back a 100% Frenchy souvenir to your loved ones.

An elegant perfume, a dress made by a small French creator… there’s little excuse to leave this temple of style with empty hands!

Another address that Parisians love is “Merci”, with a keen selection dedicated to house decoration and located in the 3rd arrondissement.

Galeries Lafayette
40 Boulevard Haussman
75009 Paris

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

An Old Poster from A Second-Hand Book Seller

A true open-roofed bookstore is open on the quays of the Seine.

Come discover the second-hand book sellers of Paris that have become part of the urban setting for centuries.

Old postcards, books from older eras, botanical posters… rummage through these souvenirs, borrowed from history and filled with poetry.

On the right side, from Pont Marie to Quai du Louvre, and on the left side, from Quai de la Tournelle to Quai Voltaire, 226 second-hand book sellers and their 900 booths are waiting to welcome you and show off their treasure trove.

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