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Opera - Louvre district, Paris

11 theaters within a 10-minute walk from the hotel

The Etats-Unis Opéra Hotel is ideally located if you’re into theater. There are at least 11 theaters within a 10-minute walk from the hotel:

The most literary: The Théâtre de l’Athénée

The most beautiful halls: The Théâtre du Palais-Royal – The Opéra-Comique

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Two successes on the bill

“Edmond” at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal

From 09/15/16 to 12/16/18

Play by Alexis Michalik

Duration: 1h50

In 1897, thirty-year old Edmond Rostand had not written anything for two years. He proposed to famous actor Constant Coquelin a heroic comedy in verse. The play still needed to be written and Edmond Rostand had to face the whims of his actors, producers’ demands, his wife’s jealousy, his best friend’s love stories, the lack of enthusiasm from his friends. But Edmond Rostand was determined to write this play, for which he had only found a title: Cyrano de Bergerac.

1st to 4th category, from €17 to €52

From Tuesday to Friday at 9 pm, Saturday at 4 pm and 9 pm, Sunday at 4:30 pm


« Le Prénom » at the theatre Edouard VII

From 09/07/18 to 01/06/19

Comédie Boulevard by Bernard Murat

A French play with English subtitles

Duration: about 1h40

English subtitles

In the fifth month of his wife’s pregnancy, Vincent knows he is going to have a son. He goes to his sister’s house where he meets up with his childhoods friends and announces the name of his future son during dinner. Thinking that this is good news and that everyone will like it causes a cataclysm. This is the starting point fora comedic settling of accounts between these characters.

What’s in a Name is a hit comedy that was adapted to the screen in 2012 in the vein of the Dinner Game or Cuisine et Dépendances.

1st to 4th category, from €30 to €58

From Tuesday to Saturday at 9 pm, Saturday afternoon at 5 pm, and Sunday at 3:30 pm.


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