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This just open, brand new 1700 m² (18298 ft²) space is located only 600 meters from the hotel Etats-Unis Opéra. It is essentially devoted to four disciplines: CrossFit, Boxing, Cycling, Yoga, and 40 coaches are available to athletes.

The difference of this gym compared to a classic gym is that it is specialized in individual or small group coaching. As in all sports pedagogy, progressive effort is what is needed. With a Coach, we work without pain and more effectively in the long term. There also two services that are generally absent in gyms: A cafe that you can visit before or after workouts and a shop.

The interior design is Brutalist, and the atmosphere is young, dynamic and very international.

The activities offered


It is THE workout method at the moment. As you may know, Crossfit is a muscle training program that mixes different activities such as gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, fitness, and various cardio exercises. The fully equipped room measures over 280 m² (3013 ft²).


This space holds two rings and punching bags in a bright atmosphere.

English, French, and Thai boxing is practiced. Self-defense courses as well as introductory sessions to martial arts are also offered. 


It is probably the domain in which technology has most spectacularly developed. 30 fitness bikes and a persuasive coach await you in a bright and worked atmosphere where you can live an amazing collective experience. Landscapes are projected on a giant screen. You’ll be able to “go through” passes, down winding roads, sprint, while individual and collective performances are displayed in real time. It’s as stimulating as it is fun.


Taking care of the body and returning to our roots seems to be continuously popular. The room has focused here on a traditionally feminine activity, but things are changing in particular as extraordinary virtues of Yoga, both for the body and for the head, are becoming more widely known!  Is it not ultimately an essential aspiration to feel good in every way?

A well-lit 170m² (1829 ft²) room is offered to help you live the awakening of your senses and the search for spirituality. Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and more, not to mention Pilates, are offered.

Concept store

Nor more “forgetting” your sneakers or shorts to avoid working out: 300 clothing items and 150 pairs of shoes are sold over 250m² (2690 ft²) in a universe extending from the other rooms.

The “Social club”

This is not really a bar where you would come to order a nice little white at the counter. You are invited to meet after or before training to talk and meet other people in a friendly atmosphere Here, everything is clean, organic, and connected. Various events combining sport, fashion, art, and culture are also organized here.

What to think when leaving the gym? You can learn to dose out your efforts and work on your progress. It’s rejuvenating, friendly, and stimulating.

It’s up to you to try. Have a good workout!



  • Single class: 35 €
  • 10 classes: 290€
  • Individual coaching: 80€
  • 10 coaching sessions: 700€


  • 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Friday
  • 9 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays
  • 9 AM to 1 PM on Sundays


12 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 75009 Paris

Tel: 01 42 65 00 78

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