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Breakfast at the hotel: the circumstance to make it good

It all depends on your habits, your plans for the day, and your physiological needs, but any good nutritionist will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When balanced, it can fill you with energy to start the day. Neglecting this meal is to cause stress and suffering on the body.

In 3 and 4 star hotels in Paris, the price of breakfast varies between €12 and 20 on average. Prices that can sometimes make you want to try an alternative, such as a breakfast from the bar of a traditional Parisian bistro for example.

A breakfast at the bistro: not such a good idea

Nutritionally and financially, the coffee, orange juice, croissant from the counter plan is not such a good idea. Why?

The Anglo-Saxons know: the body needs salt to start the day. Bacon, scrambled eggs, omelets, sausages are important for producing dopamine, the starter the body needs early in the day. Fats could also be better incorporated into breakfast. An egg a day doesn’t present any particular cardiovascular risk.

Low “glycemic index” sugars contained in whole wheat breads and traditional muesli are to be consumed with less caution than those contained in the white breads, puffed cereals or jams.

Fruit is preferable to fruit juices because they contain useful fibers that reduce carbohydrate assimilation rate.

We will not lay out the list of arguments here that say that a large cream croissant and orange juice is a real torture to the body.

As for the math?

  • A double espresso: €4
  • A chocolate croissant/bread: €1.3
  • Fruit juice: €4.50

That’s about €10, no doubt eaten in a place that might be nice but often noisy or on the run, and at 11:00 we are hungry.

So what do the restaurant or breakfast specialists say?

There are of course other alternatives, and here, we give you two interesting offers. You do the math.

A traditional breakfast

Café restaurant Lazare – Paris

The Lazare café, opposite Saint Lazare Station, established by Eric Frechon (3 Michelin stars while he was head chef in Bristol), offers a very Parisian concept and is quite suitable for a “vintage” breakfast in a very tidy place. It offers traditionally French quality breakfasts from 7:00 to 11:00.

A selection of great coffees at different strengths (Ristretto, Espresso Decaffeinato for €3) or as a double (€6) as well as vegetable juices and fresh fruits (€6.50). A slice of fresh bread, farm butter, jam or honey or a butter croissant or chocolate bread (€3.50 each).

The breakfast menu includes a hot drink, fruit juice or vegetable juice and a slice of bread or a pastry for €10.

For those who like brunch

Chez Claus

Chez Claus, 14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau: on the weekend from 9:30 to 5:00, one can check out 4 different brunch menus in the spirit of the German “Frühstück” at prices ranging from €16 to 32. For example, the “The Frühstück” brunch is composed of a hot drink, a fresh juice, a bread basket, ham plate, comté cheese, fromage frais with chives and many other surprises for €32. Reservations necessary. (tel : +33 (0)1 42 33 55 10)

The hotel breakfast: 3 small tours and we’re back

This choice will ultimately prove the most suitable as long as:

  • The place is quiet, pleasant and soothing, which is generally the case for hotel dining rooms
  • The buffet is complete, balanced, energized and product quality is sufficient
  • The service is there: the distributors’ solution for everything is as sad as it is cold
  • The price is within a reasonable range

It is in this sense that we have shaped our breakfast offer with our culinary adviser in order to best satisfy our customers.

Le petit déjeuner buffet de l’hôtel Etats-Unis Opéra
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