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One of the best bakeries in Paris is a two-minute walk from the hotel Etats-Unis Opera

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  21 February 2017

It is with great pleasure that we present this bakery, which opened just before Christmas, and which we believe to be one of the five best in the capital. It is just a two-minute walk from the hotel Etats-Unis Opera and not going during your stay would be a mistake.

But who is the pastry prodigy who has quickly imposed themselves in the course of major Parisian pastry chefs? His name is Jeffrey Cagnes. Among others, he created Jean François Piège la Pâtisserie Thoumieux, on rue Saint Dominique, but he has also passed and repassed Stohrer, the oldest bakery in Paris where you can enjoy rum babas like nowhere else.

Jeffrey Cagnes
Jeffrey Cagnes

This young man is just as humble as he is talented. "You have to keep it simple," he said. "We, as pastry chefs, are not superheroes, we do not save lives...”. He does not decorate his pastry like jewelry, its packaging does not resemble those of major fashion brands, and cakes do not cost 9€ but rather 5€, a little more than half price. His pastries are rich and festive, fragrant, not too sweet, and especially of unquestionable freshness, and for good reason, the laboratory is located upstairs and produces baked goods every day, which is great news for customers.

We tested seven cakes and were wonderfully surprised by them, including a Paris Brest worthy of the gods.

Number 1: The Paris Brest

Choux pastry covered with crumbs, praline mousseline, almond shortbread, pure praline
Choux pastry covered with crumbs, praline mousseline, almond shortbread, pure praline

The choux pastry is dense and creamy, the praline is powerful, and the taste is long lasting. There is an excellent balance of sponginess, melting in the mouth, and crispiness. The praline is wonderful. The cake is generous and yet without excess sugar. Two of us find that this is the best cake tasted in recent years. Ou rating: 9.75/10

Number 2: The raspberry pie and lemon tart

Raspberry pie: The pastry is crisp with a hint of salt. The raspberry comes 2nd. It is very fresh, slightly sour, and very fragrant. Then comes the pistachio cream. It is a great success. Our rating: 8.75/10

Lemon tart: A pie crust made of a sweet short crust almond pastry and salted butter, a very fresh lemon cream, lemon cream, meringue, and white chocolate. Our rating: 8.75/10

Number 3: The hazelnut tartlet

As always, an excellent sweet short crust pastry, a chocolate disk, a praline cream, and hazelnuts. It is crispy and melting, very delicious. Our rating: 8.25 / 10

Number 4: Rum Baba

Original assembly with also a fairly dense brioche. The rum is light. The whipped cream is also dense and firm. The jelly stands well. It is as pretty as it is delicious. It is a "delicious" rum baba. Our rating: 7.5/10

We were a little less convinced by the Black Forest and cabbage tiramisu but they are still very good pastries.


Discover the bakery:  


35 avenue de l’Opéra - 75002 Paris

Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.